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Prescription Help for Injured Workers
By Jason Weinstock on February 4, 2015

Yesterday I met with Amie Pellegrini, the Nevada business manager for IW Pharmacy, an online prescription company that services injured workers. My staff and I have been having such difficulty getting prescriptions filled timely for clients, with many administrators using intermediary drug companies that only confuse and delay medication fills. This company promises to quickly … Continue reading Prescription Help for Injured Workers

Problems Obtaining Prescription Drugs
By Jason Weinstock on April 18, 2012

If your claim is accepted and your authorized treating physician prescribes medication for you, but your pharmacist tells you that there is a problem, follow these steps   1. Have a copy of your claim acceptance letter with your claim number and name and address of your third-party administrator or insurer in hand when you … Continue reading Problems Obtaining Prescription Drugs