•  No charge for free information about Nevada law and the claims process. Email if you want a free guide I’ve written for injured workers

•  No charge for me to answer a general question on the law by email.

•  No charge for a 45-minute consultation if you have a serious injury, or a denied claim, or you would benefit from having an attorney represent you throughout the claims process.

•  No charge for self-help tips on YouTube videos, and no charge for a subscription to my weekly articles on www.NevadaWorkersCompensationLaw.com.

•   My usual attorney fee for representing an injured worker is 33 1/3% of any permanent partial disability award, and a 33 1/3% contingency fee if I go to hearings to get retroactive benefits. I do not usually charge a fee from a minimum lump sum vocational rehabilitation buyout, but do charge a contingency fee if I go to hearings to get vocational rehabilitation benefits at all or negotiate a settlement.

•  Feel free to discuss attorney’s fees with me. I may agree to a lesser fee depending on how much legal work will be required.

•  I never ask for any retainer fees or upfront charges.

•  If the case involves permanent total disability benefits where there will be no PPD award, we will agree on a reasonable fee that is affordable to you, the injured worker.

I won’t take a case if I don’t think I can provide value to the injured worker with my knowledge of the law and the claims process. I provide genuine caring for people whose lives have been affected by a work accident or illness. I work to get better medical care, timely and correct benefits, best retraining options, higher awards, long-term planning, and reopening help.