He is a very knowledgeable and informative attorney who cares about his clients. He is very passionate about workers compensation law.

Cyrille S.

I just want to workers Comp wanted to just to drop and not cover my injury anymore.... I went to Jason and felt so confidant in his ability that he was going to get my injury covered again, and got me PPD when they just denied me... Jason answered and knew every question I asked.... I was extremely happy with his work, and would recommend him to anyone...Thank you jason.

Frank I.

I met Jason Weinstock through a mutual friend. I was set for trial on an appeal against the insurance company for not allowing Me to see a different type of specialist for my Work related injury and closing my case. Meeting Jason Weinstock two days before my hearing was a total blessing. I spent months of going to Drs working for Concentra Clinic who is hired by my employer and the insurance company. I watched them bring in patients like herding cattle. I feel the Drs are bias for the insurance companies and many hurting patients are forced to go back to work not totally healed. I’m one of those persons and I know I’m not the only person released to go back to work before their healed up. The Dr has absolutely no overhead. He gets his pay every week. So any thing borderline will favor the insurance company. I felt helpless. Suddenly after meeting Jason and telling him my concerns Jason decided to take my case and it doesn’t cost me anything unless Jason gets any type of award in My favor. He was very knowledgeable during Our meeting. GREAT NEWS ! Jason got my case reopened and I will be able to get the care I do desperately need. And the decision came so quickly and I didn’t even have to go to Court Jason went. All I can say is being represented by Jason has turned into a blessing. Special thanks to my friend who introduced me to Jason. I hope I’ve introduced you too, and you make that same phone call I did. If you feel helpless about your Compensation case, make that call it’s FREE! Nothing Beats a Failure but a TRY. Looking forward to the next phase of my case.