I'm very Satisfied with the Services Mr. Jason H. Weinstock provided me. I don't feel any Attorney could have represented me and got the results that Mr. Weinstock received! You know choosing a good Lawyer is crucial to any case, that be the moment where our heart is beating with anxiety, hoping we made the right decision. Well Mr. Weinstock Erases all those fears! He's very professional, courteous, intelligent, inspirational, caring and I could go on! He gave me back my life and way more Money than I ever expected! He is now one of my good friends and I would Recommend him to anyone who is looking to be Victorious! I would like to also add to my comment it didn't even take a year. I was back to a better life less than a year. Amazing! I tell you. I am very Satisfied!!! I should also state this was a worker's comp. case as well.

Yvette H.

I cannot thank Jason enough for all he did for me in my injury case! He was available for me when I needed him and spent as much time as I needed explaining the process. I didn't like the first doctor that my general practitioner referred me to after getting my X-rays and Jason was able to get me in with a great doctor who fixed my back perfectly! He was also able to negotiate more than I had anticipated receiving in my settlement. Very grateful to have had my friend recommend him to me!


I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to Attorney Jason Weinstock for all of his help and service in my workers compensation case. He is very knowledgeable and works with you in every step of the process. His advice was sound and service is excellent. I have had to pleasure of dealing with Jason on more than one occasion in reference to this type of legal situation and that was with his late mother Virginia Hunt who also was an excellent attorney. Jason has gain her since of value and attention to his clients from her and has truly become successful in the field of law. Jason has my respect, admiration and consider him not just an attorney but a professional friend for all he has done for me.


I had a very unique injury case. There were several other attorneys that would not even attempt to touch my case. Jason did assist me and go to bat for me when I needed him to. Unfortunately, we did end up settling my case. I did not go the full distance because of my circumstances. I did rely on Jason a good amount as far as his recommendations as far as what my chances were, and how the outcome could be. Bottom line, I am grateful that Jason went to bat for me and that I did get a settlement.


Jason was super helpful from day one of my work comp injury. I was lost when it came to anything Worker's Compensation in this state and Jason is truly an expert in his field. He responded to any question or email within minutes and was always there when I had any questions or concerns. I can't thank him enough for going above and beyond in my case in addition to finding the best medical professionals to suit my needs. He honestly turned a painful situation into the best possible scenario and outcome. I will forever recommend Jason Weinstock for anyone who has to go through a Workers Compensation claim!

Michael F.

He is a very knowledgeable and informative attorney who cares about his clients. He is very passionate about workers compensation law.

Cyrille S.

I just want to workers Comp wanted to just to drop and not cover my injury anymore.... I went to Jason and felt so confidant in his ability that he was going to get my injury covered again, and got me PPD when they just denied me... Jason answered and knew every question I asked.... I was extremely happy with his work, and would recommend him to anyone...Thank you jason.

Frank I.

I met Jason Weinstock through a mutual friend. I was set for trial on an appeal against the insurance company for not allowing Me to see a different type of specialist for my Work related injury and closing my case. Meeting Jason Weinstock two days before my hearing was a total blessing. I spent months of going to Drs working for Concentra Clinic who is hired by my employer and the insurance company. I watched them bring in patients like herding cattle. I feel the Drs are bias for the insurance companies and many hurting patients are forced to go back to work not totally healed. I’m one of those persons and I know I’m not the only person released to go back to work before their healed up. The Dr has absolutely no overhead. He gets his pay every week. So any thing borderline will favor the insurance company. I felt helpless. Suddenly after meeting Jason and telling him my concerns Jason decided to take my case and it doesn’t cost me anything unless Jason gets any type of award in My favor. He was very knowledgeable during Our meeting. GREAT NEWS ! Jason got my case reopened and I will be able to get the care I do desperately need. And the decision came so quickly and I didn’t even have to go to Court Jason went. All I can say is being represented by Jason has turned into a blessing. Special thanks to my friend who introduced me to Jason. I hope I’ve introduced you too, and you make that same phone call I did. If you feel helpless about your Compensation case, make that call it’s FREE! Nothing Beats a Failure but a TRY. Looking forward to the next phase of my case.


Working with Jason was a pleasure from the start. He took the time and effort to explain thoroughly the entire process in a manner I could understand and ultimately worked for me to get the best medical treatment and settlement for my work related injury! Thank you Jason!

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