General Information


Common Workers' Compensation Terms


Workers Comp Claims


How and When Do I File a Claim?
I Don't Know When My Injury Happened
Help! They're Closing My Claim
How Do I Reopen My Claim?
About Adjusters - this link will take you to my blog
8 Important Letters
Surveillance Investigations of Injured Workers - this link will take you to my blog


Medical Care


Tips for Faster Medical Care
I Want a Different Doctor!
Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Covered? - this link will take you to my blog
Knee and Shoulder Injuries - this link will take you to my blog.
Can I Get Care in Another State?


Workers Comp Benefits


Do I Have to Work Light Duty?
How Are Benefits Calculated? - this link will take you to my blog.
Permanent Partial Disability Awards Explained - this link takes you to my blog
I Disagree with My Rating - blog article
Job Termination and Benefits - blog article
The Insurer Refuses to Give Me a Rating
How to Get A Second Rating Evaluation


Employer Issues


Can I Sue My Employer?

How to Keep Your Job After a Work Accident - blog article
My Employer is Using My FMLA - blog article
Permanent Light Duty Job Offers - blog article


Vocational Rehabilitation


Am I Entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation?
How Much Retraining Can I Get?
Making the Most of Retraining


Attorneys, Appeals, And Complaints


Do I Need a Lawyer?
When You Need to Hire an Attorney
When I Won't Be Your Workers' Comp Lawyer
Can I Fire My Attorney?
Filing Appeals
Filing a Complaint with DIR
Injured workers Are Stuck with Their Attorneys' Negligence - blog article