1. Your claim is denied.


Hearing officers rule in favor of insurers in over 75% of the appeals filed by injured workers. Your chances of winning an appeal are even less if you don’t know the law and you don’t know how the appeals process works. Injured workers who try to represent themselves on denied claims are wasting their time. Unfortunately, the Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers can only represent injured workers at the second level of appeals, and the injured worker must first struggle through the first hearing alone if they intend to hire the NAIW instead of a private attorney.


2. You are not getting quality medical care.


Most injured workers are not able to successfully change physicians on their claim. Most injured workers are not familiar enough with the doctors on the various provider lists to know which is a recommended physician, and which physicians to avoid. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance in selecting a treating physician, and knows how to get a different treating physician for you.


3. You are totally frustrated with delays.


If it is adversely affecting your health and sanity in trying to make sure that the adjuster sends your checks on time, and you are tired of waiting weeks or months to get necessary medical procedures approved, you may be ready to have an attorney take over dealing with the insurer. You can then focus on getting well.


4. You know that you will not be able to return to your old job.


Work accidents are unexpected. It is often overwhelming and very frightening for an injured worker to deal with a life-changing injury that will prevent the worker from ever returning to his old job or occupation. While the assigned vocational rehabilitation counselor is supposed to be working for the injured worker, the counselor must also satisfy the insurer to obtain approvals of suggested retraining programs. An involved attorney, who works only for the injured worker, will make sure that the counselor is finding and recommending the best possible program, or is offering the highest possible lump sum buy-out.


5. You have a complex and serious permanent injury.


It does make a difference in such cases to have an attorney suggest a particular rating physician to the adjuster, and then have the attorney attend the rating exam with the client to make sure that the rating is done according to the AMA Guides. An injured worker who does not know the AMA Guides will not have any idea whether the percentage of impairment offered by the insurer is correct, or whether it could be higher.


If you are unsure whether you need an attorney to represent you, there is a simple way to find out. Call and schedule an appointment for a free consultation. After meeting with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney, you will know whether an attorney is necessary on your claim or not.