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What happens when your FCE is invalid?
By Jason Weinstock on February 10, 2016

An FCE is a Functional Capacity Evaluation that takes about 2-3 hours at a physical therapist’s office selected by the adjuster to help the treating doctor determine whether the injured worker should have permanent work restrictions.  More and more treating physicians are requesting that they be done before the doctor gives permanent work restrictions.   Unfortunately, … Continue reading What happens when your FCE is invalid?

How Valid Are FCE’s?
By Jason Weinstock on January 18, 2013

Today,  I met with Rob Wolinsky,  a physical therapist at the  Kelly Hawkins Physical Therapy  facility  at  Charleston and Valley View .   Rob oversees approximately a dozen functional capacity evaluations (FCE’s) each week at the request of physicians and adjusters administering Nevada workers compensation claims.  A FCE is an evaluation by an experienced therapist  like Rob.  The … Continue reading How Valid Are FCE’s?