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Treating Pain with a Video Game
By Jason Weinstock on November 29, 2012

Many of my clients with very severe injuries must learn to accept that they will live with pain the rest of their lives. After they exhaust all that doctors have to offer and realize that there is no “fix”, these clients either adapt and live reasonably happy and productive lives, or they stay miserable. How … Continue reading Treating Pain with a Video Game

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
By Jason Weinstock on October 13, 2012

How to treat chronic pain was a topic addressed by several of the featured speakers at the WILG convention in Las Vegas this weekend.  (WILG is a non-profit organization that assists attorneys in advocating the rights of injured workers.)  Dr. Steven Simon, M.D. of the Kansas University Medical Group spoke about CRPS complex regional pain … Continue reading Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Great Explanation of CRPS
By Jason Weinstock on May 25, 2011

See attached video for a great explanation of how someone with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) experiences pain.

Hope for Chronic Pain Sufferers
By Jason Weinstock on May 10, 2011

Last week, I had lunch with Dr. Mel Pohl, M.D., the Medical Director of Las Vegas Recovery Center, and his Admissions Coordinator,  Jackie Pippin.  The Las Vegas Recovery Center is a small, private facility that offers a  chronic pain recovery program.  While most chronic pain management treatment for injured workers involves ongoing prescription pain medication, injections and surgeries,  this … Continue reading Hope for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Help for Chronic Pain
By Jason Weinstock on December 1, 2010

I came across another website that offers information on treating chronic pain, as well as a comprehensive list of other websites with additional help for people dealing with injuries or illnesses that cause chronic and long-lasting pain. There may be something useful for you here, particularly the kit offered for tracking and measuring your pain.  … Continue reading Help for Chronic Pain