Prescription Help for Injured Workers

By Jason Weinstock on February 4, 2015

Yesterday I met with Amie Pellegrini, the Nevada business manager for IW Pharmacy, an online prescription company that services injured workers. My staff and I have been having such difficulty getting prescriptions filled timely for clients, with many administrators using intermediary drug companies that only confuse and delay medication fills. This company promises to quickly fill prescriptions for my clients, even those prescriptions that are denied and in the appeals process, so long as an attorney is on the case and advocating for the injured worker. This company handles any pre-authorizations that might be required, billing the adjuster, and has staff that knows how to properly handle workers’ comp claims. Additionally, they don’t have the out-of-stock problem that many of my clients have encountered with local pharmacies not having sufficient quantities of medication. Prescriptions are delivered to your home. In order to enroll, you must fax your prescription to 1-800-497-4276. I look forward to working with them.

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