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Depression and Work Injuries in Nevada
By Jason Weinstock on October 17, 2011

If you have a work injury in Nevada you are more likely to become depressed.  If you do need a study to prove that there is a higher incidence of depression among workers with orthopedic injuries, you will be interested in the linked article from  California psychologist Stephen Pfeiffer, Ph.D.,  He cites a study reported in the … Continue reading Depression and Work Injuries in Nevada

Surviving the Tough Times
By Jason Weinstock on April 21, 2009

 Some questions I receive from injured workers have nothing to do with workers’ compensation law, but are instead about how to make it through the difficult times following a work accident.   Few people can pay all necessary bills for very long on workers’ comp benefits of only two-thirds of their average monthly wage. Most injured … Continue reading Surviving the Tough Times