Depression and Work Injuries in Nevada

By Jason Weinstock on October 17, 2011

If you have a work injury in Nevada you are more likely to become depressed.  If you do need a study to prove that there is a higher incidence of depression among workers with orthopedic injuries, you will be interested in the linked article from  California psychologist Stephen Pfeiffer, Ph.D.,  He cites a study reported in the Annals of General Psychiatry, Dr. Pfeiffer  frequently writes about depression and other  psychological conditions affecting California’s injured workers. 

Unlike Dr. Pfeiffer,  I am not a doctor.  I am a lawyer who represents injured workers.  The following are my Top Ten  non-medical reasons injured workers tell me  why they feel depressed after their job accident:

  • They’re hurt and in pain.  That alone makes them unhappy.
  •  A supervisor, or co-worker, or their adjuster acts as if they are faking their injury…
  • They are worried about whether they will still have a job when they are well again..
  • They are getting the run-around from whomever is supposed to be handling their claim.
  • They know they aren’t getting good medical care, but don’t know what to do.
  • Authorizations for medical care take forever.
  • They are worried about how they will make a living if they can’t go back to their line of work. 
  • They’re financially behind on bills as a result of late compensation checks, no compensation checks, or inadequate compensation checks.
  • They hear stories that they might get a settlement at the end of their claim, but have no idea what to expect, or whether to hope for anything.
  •  They are worried about needing medical care in the future if the injury ever worsens after the claim is close.
  • They know they need information, but don’t know who to trust for advice.

Depression is serious.  If you are feeling completely overwhelmed or suicidal, please tell your doctor immediately, or call 911 and ask for  the suicide prevention hotline.  While it can be difficult to obtain psychological treatment for depression on a worker’s compensation claim, it  can be done under the right circumstances.  More importantly, many  feelings of helplessness go away once you are armed with knowledge about how the claims process actually works.   If you  feel too lousy to actually meet with a lawyer for a free consultation, at least help call for a free guide so that you have a better understanding of Nevada workers’ compensation law.   

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