Time Line for Permanent Partial Disability Awards

By Jason Weinstock on June 15, 2013

 30 days after your doctor says you are stable and ratable, your adjuster must send you a letter scheduling your PPD exam.  (The exam however, doesn’t have to take place within 30 days.)   NRS 616C.490(2).

14 days after your rating exam, the rating doctor should send the rating report to the adjuster. NRS 616C.490(6).

14 days after your adjuster receives the PPD report, your adjuster must send you a letter either disagreeing with the rating percentage,  or a letter offering the percentage found by the rating doctor. You have 70 days to file a request for hearing if you disagree with the percentage offered. NRS 616C.490(6).

20 days after you send in election papers for the PPD that was offered, the adjuster must send  the lump sum elected.  (The adjuster may claim to have sent the check from somewhere back east on the 20th day and DIR will probably find the insurer in compliance with the law).  NAC 616C.499.

 1 year after you receive your award, the adjuster must pay an annual installment if your PPD percentage was over 25%. and the amount of the installment is less than $100 a month.  NRS 616C.490(8). (Make sure you send a change of address to your adjuster.) 

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