More Money: Don’t Miss These Benefits

By Jason Weinstock on October 26, 2012

 A few of the benefits that Nevada injured workers overlook include the following:

1. Prescription coverage

 Make sure that your pharmacy has your claim number, and the phone and fax number for your adjuster.  If the adjuster sends you a pharmacy card, be sure to use it.  If your pharmacy tells you they are waiting for authorization and you can’t wait, pay for the medicine and send your adjuster the receipt. Don’t confuse the issue by using your private insurance.     

2.  Mileage Reimbursement 

If you travel more than 40 miles a week, or 20 miles one way, to your doctors’ appointments, and to therapy, right now the mileage reimbursement rate is fifty-five cents (55 cents) a mile.  A common mistake is to wait more than 60 days to turn in the request for reimbursement form.  Turn in the forms each month after making a copy for yourself.  

3.  Concurrent Wages           

 If you were working for two employers on the date you were injured, you need to make your adjuster aware of that by sending in paycheck stubs for that second employer.  Send paycheck stubs for three months before the date of your accident.

4.  Wrong Average Monthly Wage

When you receive the adjuster’s letter advising you what your daily benefits will be, look carefully at the amount the adjuster says is your average monthly wage.  Ask for the wage verification form your employer gave the adjuster to check it against your old paycheck stubs.  There are various ways to calculate average monthly wage. If yours seems too low, get a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

5.  Low permanent impairment award

Unless you are familiar with the AMA Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, fifth edition, there is no way you will know whether the percentage found by the rating doctor is correct or not.  There is no excuse for accepting a low PPD award without first getting reliable information about whether the percentage and the way the lump  sum is calculated is correct.  Many workers’ compensation attorneys will review your PPD award election papers for free.  

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