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New Spanish blog
By Jason Weinstock on July 13, 2015

Please spread the word that I am also writing a Spanish blog now, accessible from my website. As with my English blog posts, I  write my own articles unless I’m featuring a guest author.  (Yes, my legal assistant does need to help me with translation and grammar.)  My Spanish posts will focus on the  needs … Continue reading New Spanish blog

Speak English, Please
By Jason Weinstock on May 17, 2013

 Thank you to the International Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Association for inviting me to attend their educational conference last week. It was hosted by certified counselors Gerry Davis, Cindi Rivera, and  retired counselor Jack Dymon at the State of Nevada Bureau of Vocational  Rehabilitation.   The focus of the conference was working with multi-cultural groups, and educational and training resources for … Continue reading Speak English, Please