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What is an Occupational Disease?
By Jason Weinstock on December 7, 2019

Occupational diseases are what you probably think they are… a disease or illness that you have developed or contracted through your employment. Different from an occupational injury, occupational diseases/illnesses often have gradual onsets rather than one specific traumatic occurrence. Occupational diseases can be anything from carpel tunnel syndrome, silicosis, mesothelioma, heart disease, lead poisoning and … Continue reading What is an Occupational Disease?

BANG! Work-Related Hearing Loss
By Jason Weinstock on September 30, 2012

Permanent, work-related hearing loss can result when an employee is exposed to an unexpected loud noise, like an explosion at a manufacturing plant.  However, many cases of occupationally-related hearing loss are caused by excessive noise exposure over months, or years  in a work environment that is too loud.   Difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words happens to most of us as we age, so it isn’t always easy … Continue reading BANG! Work-Related Hearing Loss

Illness from Excessive Heat Probably Not Work Comp
By Jason Weinstock on July 7, 2012

Given the 114 degree heat this week, I’ve had several calls from  people wanting to know  whether illnesses caused by excessive heat while working outdoors are compensable.  The law in Nevada has not been supportive of injury or illness claims arising out of all job conditions.  In 1960, the Nevada Supreme Court held in Smith … Continue reading Illness from Excessive Heat Probably Not Work Comp