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Post-Traumatic Stress Research
By Jason Weinstock on October 8, 2012

Here’s an intersting article on PTSD:that sheds some light on why subsequent events that are minor can trigger such a strong reaction in the PTSD patient.   http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/10/08/mice-study-suggests-brain-switch-implicated-in-ptsd/45723.html?

Can You Be Fired While You Have a Nevada Comp Claim?
By Jason Weinstock on May 1, 2012

Both employers and injured workers are unsure about the law on firing an injured worker who is actively treating with a doctor on an accepted workers’ compensation claim in Nevada.  Most people know that an injured worker cannot be fired simply because he or she files a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. There is an … Continue reading Can You Be Fired While You Have a Nevada Comp Claim?

Job Termination and Benefits
By Jason Weinstock on August 25, 2009

When an injured worker is terminated, and the reason for job termination, are important.  If an injured worker files a claim for an injury after he is fired or layed off, then the law presumes that the claim is not valid.  Recently, the Nevada Supreme Court interpreted NRS 616C.150(2) in Levinson v. Milko, 124 Nev. … Continue reading Job Termination and Benefits