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Injured Workers- Educate Yourselves!
By Jason Weinstock on March 31, 2010

Let’s face it.  The insurers and employers have a huge advantage over the injured worker who is caught in the claims process, because they know the rules and you don’t.   And if you are a carpenter or a bricklayer, or a nurse, it isn’t your business to know what the law says about light duty employment, … Continue reading Injured Workers- Educate Yourselves!

Self-Help for Injured Workers in Nevada
By Jason Weinstock on September 4, 2009

Not every injured worker needs to hire an attorney, but all injured workers should have access to reliable information on the claims process, what benefits are available, and what to do if the insurer is denying benefits.  Insurers are required to give some written information to injured workers, but those written notices are in fine … Continue reading Self-Help for Injured Workers in Nevada

Information Center for Nevada Injured Workers
By Jason Weinstock on April 21, 2009

Our new website is now up and running.  It features an Information Center with articles on various topics concerning Nevada workers’ compensation law, and the claims process. If you don’t find an article in the Information Center or on this blog that addresses a topic that would help other injured workers also, feel free to … Continue reading Information Center for Nevada Injured Workers