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Hearing Loss in Nevada FIre Fighters
By Jason Weinstock on January 24, 2014

A recent article published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine that studied 425 fire fighters from three states showed that more than 40% of the fire fighters had hearing loss in the noise-sensitive frequencies (4 and 6 kHz).  Fire fighters with longer years in fire services demonstrated significantly worse hearing.  The conclusion was … Continue reading Hearing Loss in Nevada FIre Fighters

The Non-Response (De Facto) Denial
By Jason Weinstock on August 23, 2013

Injured workers have the right to file an appeal if the claims adjuster does not respond to a written request within 30 days.  Attorneys are usually the only ones that know that when the adjuster fails to respond, it is called a de facto denial, and a hearing officer can decide whether the requested benefits … Continue reading The Non-Response (De Facto) Denial

Police and Fire Fighters Have Extra Benefits
By Jason Weinstock on October 29, 2012

In Nevada, police officers and fire fighters have additional workers’ compensation coverage and benefits for some injuries and illnesses that Nevada employees of  other occupations do not have.  The laws that are unique to police officers and/or fire fighters are amended frequently when the Nevada legislature meets every two years.  It is therefore important to check … Continue reading Police and Fire Fighters Have Extra Benefits

BANG! Work-Related Hearing Loss
By Jason Weinstock on September 30, 2012

Permanent, work-related hearing loss can result when an employee is exposed to an unexpected loud noise, like an explosion at a manufacturing plant.  However, many cases of occupationally-related hearing loss are caused by excessive noise exposure over months, or years  in a work environment that is too loud.   Difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words happens to most of us as we age, so it isn’t always easy … Continue reading BANG! Work-Related Hearing Loss