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Holiday Horrors: Late and Missing Checks
By Jason Weinstock on November 21, 2011

  Does the following sound familiar?  You’ve checked the mailbox for the third time in an hour.  You finally see the postal carrier  drive down your street,   but  he does not  leave a compensation check in your mailbox.  You wave him down and angrily interrogate him  about whether your check could be lost or stolen.  Your briefly contemplate committing a  federal offense … Continue reading Holiday Horrors: Late and Missing Checks

About Workers’ Comp Adjusters
By Jason Weinstock on March 16, 2009

The adjuster employed by the third-party administrator (TPA) is the person who controls most of what happens on your claim. Many injured workers mistakenly think that it is the employer that makes claims decisions. While the employer may have considerable influence with the claims adjuster, the adjuster may also make decisions your employer does not … Continue reading About Workers’ Comp Adjusters