Common Injuries that Happen at Work

By Jason Weinstock on September 19, 2022

From car accidents to slips on wet floors, these are some of the most common injuries that happen at work.

Workplace safety is important for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you work at an office, warehouse, restaurant, construction site, hospital, or other public service position like police or
firefighters, work injuries happen.

Here are some of the most common work injuries:


Car Accidents during Work Related Activities

Work related car or truck accident
Car or Truck Accident while driving during work related activities – ID 131135516
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If you’ve been involved in a car accident while driving for a work related reason, you may be
able to receive workers compensation. It can be complicated, so you will want to talk with an
attorney to see if your vehicle accident qualifies you to file a workers comp claim.
Driving your vehicle for a specific work task, such as:

  • Driving to and from a worksite
  • Delivery or making a delivery for work
  • Driving another employee for business purposes
  • Running work-related errands

However, keep in mind that car accidents that occur during a commute is not covered in a
workers compensation claim.

If you have a driving job, like taxi-cab driver, truck driver, or parcel delivery driver there are
even more ways injuries happen while driving and it’s best to consult with an experienced
workers compensation attorney if you’ve been hurt or in a car accident while on the job.

Slips, Trips & Falls at Work

Slip and Fall at work
Slips, Trips & Falls at Work – ID 106971420
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A slip and fall work injury happens when an individual trips or falls while walking, running, or
standing during the hours of employment. This type of injury often occurs because of slippery
surfaces or uneven ground. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere, such as inside a building or
outside on a sidewalk.

Did You Know? Slips, trips, and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year and many more
injurious accident in the workplace according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.1

If you’ve been injured due to a slip, trip or fall at work, contact Attorney Weinstock to go over
your options on filing a workers compensation claim.

Burns from a Work Accident

Foodservice workers - burns while working in a restaurant kitchen
Burn Accidents While Working – ID 50030678
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Burns are one of the most common workplace injuries. They can cause serious damage to skin tissue,
resulting in scarring and even death. If you sustain a burn, seek medical attention immediately. If the burn
was a result of a work injury, contact Attorney Weinstock for a free consultation.

Read more about Burn Safety from the OSHA Website: Preventing Burns from HOT STUFF pdf tip sheet.

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Sprains & Strains While Working

Sprained ankle while working in warehouse
Sprains of the ankle, knee, neck or back – Wareshouse worker- ID 57325703
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Workers in many different industries and occupations can be exposed to risk factors at work, such as
lifting heavy items, bending, reaching overhead, pushing and pulling heavy loads, working in awkward
body postures and performing the same or similar tasks repetitively. Exposure to these known risk factors
for MSDs increases a worker’s risk of injury. These muscular disorders can range from mild to severe,
and can occur at any age. This includes sprains of the ankle, knee, neck or back. If you suffer from an
injury that causes physical pain, contact Attorney Weinstock to see if you are entitled to compensation.

Work-Related Back Pain or Injury

back pain injured worker at construction site
Back injury from work – Hurt back at work – ID 254008673
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Back injuries result from damage, wear, or trauma to the bones, muscles, or other tissues of the
back. Back disorders can develop gradually as a result of micro-trauma brought about by repetitive
activity over time or can be the product of a single traumatic event. Back pain injury from work is one
of the most common reasons people visit doctors. The question is though, is your back pain work
related or not? I have a more in-depth article I wrote on low back pain and how Nevada Law
defines a work related back injury and the benefits an injured worker may receive. You can find
that article here: Low Back Pain: Work-Related or Not.

If you’ve suffered from one of these most common work injuries, know your benefits and if
you are entitled to compensation.

Contact Attorney Weinstock to ask a question or for a free consultation.
Attorney Weinstock will talk with you and help you to understand the workers
compensation law and if you should file a claim.

Contact Attorney Weinstock by email or by phone at (702) 699-5336.

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