How the Coronavirus Has Been Affecting Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation Community.

By Jason Weinstock on March 18, 2020

The Nevada workers’ compensation community includes, but is not limited to injured workers, claimant’s attorneys, the Department of Administration, healthcare providers, third-party administrators, insurers, employers, and defense attorneys. The Coronavirus is affecting workers’ compensation for everyone in some way or another.

The effect of the Coronavirus on Nevada’s workers’ compensation community is being felt the most by Nevada’s injured workers. “If workers’ comp will still be paid out during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak” has been a popular search on Google this week. The answer is yes. If you have an accepted workers’ compensation claim you can expect your temporary total disability “TTD” checks to continue and your doctor’s appointments to continue to get scheduled. This is as of today, March 18, 2020.

Despite Governor Sisolak’s closure of all “non-essential” businesses, law offices and health care providers continue to remain open. I am finding the same to be true regarding the workers’ compensation insurance companies, however, most are now working from home. My office continues to remain open and fighting for the rights and benefits of injured workers. Should the need arise to close the office in the future, rest assured that we have the technology available and are fully capable of functioning from home.

Many injured workers are incapable of showing up for work, as their employer has shut down for the next 30 days as requested by the Governor. These injured workers should notify their attorneys or adjusters immediately, so that TTD benefits can be requested. Additionally, I have been in touch with many doctors’ offices and none have informed me of any cancellations or closures.

The Department of Administration, Hearings Division (the workers’ compensation courthouse) starting tomorrow, March 19, 2020, will stop having all hearings and appeals. All currently scheduled hearings will be continued until they resume hearing cases. The time frame of how long they will stop having hearings for is currently unknown.  Attorneys and claimant’s will still be able to file hearings and appeals via fax, email or mail. However, when these hearings and appeals will be scheduled is unknown.

Here is the information needed to file a hearing or appeal:

Las Vegas Office

      • Mail: 2200 South Rancho Drive, Suite 210A, Las Vegas NV 89102
      • Email:, or
      • Facsimile for Hearing Officer (702) 486-2879; for Appeals Office (702) 486-2555

Carson City Office

      • Mail: 1050 E Williams Street Suite 450, Carson City, NV 89701
      • Email:; or
      • Facsimile for Hearings Officer (775) 687-8441;  for Appeals Office (775) 687-8421

The impact from the court not hearing cases will be enormous. This means injured workers’ who have been denied surgery will have to wait to have a judge determine whether the denial was proper. Injured workers’ who are now out of work and their TTD has been denied will now be forced to continue to wait without any income, before a judge can decide if the denial was proper.

My recommendation is that we continue social distancing and following the CDC’s preventative guidelines of maintaining good hygiene. The goal is to minimize exposure to the virus, decrease the spread, and put this behind us. In the meantime, my office will remain available to fight for my client’s rights and benefits, as well as, attempt to answer all questions and concerns.

Give me a call or send an email for a free consultation if you have questions or concerns about your Nevada workers’ compensation claim, filing a claim, or workers’ compensation benefits.

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