Impressive Physical Therapist in Henderson

By Jason Weinstock on April 16, 2015

Shoulder Pain - HTML Credit Code for Can Stock Photo www.canstockphoto.comMost injured workers who hire attorneys do so because they are not satisfied with the medical care they are getting for their work injury. Although I am limited by current law to selecting medical providers on a particular insurer’s provider list, I consider it a very important part of my job to make sure that my clients are getting the best possible medical care. I try to personally meet orthopedic physicians, neurosurgeons, psychologists, physiatrists, pain management doctors, and physical therapists. I met another physical therapist this week to treat my own sore shoulder and neck after getting bucked off my horse two weeks ago.

Jeff Deets of OrthoSport was recommended to me by my international weight lifting friend, Pat “Buff” Mendes. Elite athletes are often a great source of information about good doctors and therapists. When I told Pat that my injury was causing a lot of painful spasms in my shoulder and upper back, he recommended that I see Jeff Deets for some dry needling. That initial session with Jeff did get the spasming reduced, and it was followed by a two-hour session last night of more traditional therapies to get greater range of motion in my neck and shoulder.

I was very impressed with Jeff’s knowledge and hands-on approach to all the patients I saw in therapy at his facility. Even when the personable, and high-energy assistants were helping patients, Jeff was closely observing and directing care. It is my experience that with many of the larger physical therapy facilities, the therapy is often delegated completely to assistants without much supervision by an actual physical therapist. My observations at OrthoSport were different. Their website is

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