Help! Prevent Terrible Changes to Work Comp

By Jason Weinstock on March 5, 2015


The Nevada legislature meets only once every other year, and this year doesn’t look good for the changes that could gut benefits for Nevada’s injured workers. The amendment so many of us committed work comp attorneys hoped would get out of the senate committee on commerce and labor and to the legislature for a vote on allowing workers to choose their own doctors might be dead already. Meanwhile, big business employers and insurers are having a field day trying to take advantage of a a Republican majority assembly and a Republican majority senate to try to pass so-called reforms that would seriously harm Nevada employees with legitimate work injuries.

Please look at AB 229 and all of the nasty changes in this proposed legislation. Then, please send a message to the assembly person for your district that you are opposed. No hearing is scheduled yet, and these hearings are scheduled with only a few days notice.

Meanwhile, other states are likewise doing major harm to their workers’ compensation systems. Here is a good article on the effect of these legislative changes:

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