2015 Cost of Nevada PPD Exam

By Jason Weinstock on March 18, 2015

Effective 2/1/15 through 1/31/16, the cost of a permanent partial disability evaluation on a Nevada workers’ compensation claim is $754.62. That is for two body parts. The cervical spine is considered one body part, the thoracic spine another body part, and the lumbar spine would be a separate body part. For each additional body part after two, the rating doctor may charge an additional $252.02. That means that if an injured worker disagrees with the first rating obtained by the insurer on a claim involving three body parts, the injured worker will have to pay $1006.64 to obtain a second rating evaluation to give to a hearing officer to try to obtain a higher percentage impairment. A rating doctor who is asked only to review records and give a report on impairment may charge $376.57. Keep in mind that a hearings or appeals officer may order the insurer to reimburse an injured worker who pays for a second rating (or a first rating when the insurer refuses to schedule a rating).

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