Peripheral Nerve Physician in Las Vegas: Tim Tollestrup

By Jason Weinstock on March 9, 2015

There was a lengthy article in the Las Vegas Review Journal today about the only peripheral nerve surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada- Tim Tollestrup, M.D. I wrote about meeting him previously in a post in October 2012. Since then, I’ve had half a dozen workers compensation claimants treat with him, with excellent results. Additionally, he is genuinely concerned about his patients. He has personally called me several times on difficult cases to make sure that what he is writing in his reporting is likely to be understand correctly by the adjuster handling the claim.

Successfully diagnosing a complex work injury is a skill that depends on the physician’s schooling, life experiences, interaction with real patients, and sometimes his or her focused specialty training. Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons in Las Vegas can be reluctant to consider involving a peripheral nerve specialist on claims where the injured worker isn’t improving. However, as they get to know Dr. Tollestrup and see the results of his work, I think that will change and we will need a second peripheral nerve specialist in the valley soon.

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