Excellent Information for Gun Owners

By Jason Weinstock on April 9, 2014

 My neighbor, Carey Colt Payne, was telling me about his new website on laws pertaining to the ownership and transfer of firearms.  Carey is a highly respected probate attorney in Las Vegas who is a descendant of the famous maker of Colt guns. He told me that as a gun collector he has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the various state and federal laws that apply to gun ownership.  As a probate attorney, he is particularly concerned for families who pass on valuable collector firearms from one generation to the next.  These families are often unaware of the laws that apply to them and don’t know about gun trusts.   

  I know nothing about guns, but have many friends who hunt or who have strong feelings about their right to possess  firearms.  I visited his website at www.lasvegasarmstrust.com, and was truly impressed at how  comprehensive it was. It is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn about gun laws,  including possession of machine guns, what to do when you buy or sell a gun, transporting arms across state lines, child safety, liability issues, concealed weapons, and the creation of arms trusts.   I encourage all gun owners to visit Carey’s site to make sure that you are complying with the law and to think about whether you should transfer ownership to a gun  trust.  Thank you, Carey, for making this valuable information available to everyone.  

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