Immigrant Workers in Nevada Need to Know Rights When Injured

By Jason Weinstock on June 5, 2013

The Immigration Policy Center reports that  Latinos and Asians make up one-third of all Nevadans. 15% of registered voters in Nevada are immigrants or the children of immigrants.  Immigrants comprised 25% of the state’s workforce in 2011.  It is estimated that 10% of the state’s workforce in 2010 were unauthorized immigrants who contributed millions in sales taxes and property taxes. 

Latino-owned business and Asian-owned businesses contributed significantly to the state’s economy through sales of goods, and by employing thousands of workers.  The figures are likewise impressive on what Latino and Asian immigrants contributed to the Nevada economy as consumers and taxpayers.  Whatever your thoughts are about illegal immigrants, the statistics show that Immigrants, including those who are not yet authorized to work in the United States, are essential to Nevada’s  economy.

Unauthorized workers are entitled to the same benefits as any other injured worker under Nevada law (NRS 616A.105), with one important exception.   An undocumented immigrant worker cannot receive vocational rehabilitation services or a vocational award of money instead of retraining.   However, the injured worker may receive medical care, compensation benefits while they are recovering from their injuries and can’t work, and they may obtain a permanent partial disability award.  See, Tarango v. SIIS, 117 Nev. 444, 25 P. 3d 175 (2001).

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