Avoiding Holiday Debt

By Jason Weinstock on December 6, 2012

 The holidays are such a difficult time for injured workers.  Compensation checks are late due to interrupted mail service,or bad weather back East, or due to adjusters taking vacation time.  Doctors’ offices cannot find appointment times for new patients as they try to squeeze in existing clients. Hospital and surgical centers are overbooked with patients wanting to avoid a new annual deductible under their health insurance.  

I hope that  injured workers resist the temptation to get a loan on their car’s title in order to buy gifts they can’t afford.  These payday loan companies  and title lenders have sprung up like weeds on every block, with the Review Journal counting 43 in Las Vegas.  Apparently one-third of Las Vegans use these predatory companies instead of banks.   They exist and multiply because Nevada has few laws regulating how much these companies may charge as interest.  These loans are almost impossible to pay off without the borrower paying at least  twice as much as the original amount borrowed. 

Send me an email if your are an injured worker.  Let me know how you found a way to celebrate the holidays without incurring more debt.  I will enter you in a drawing for $300.  You don’t have to be a client to enter.  The drawing will be on January 1, 2013.  Happy Holidays.