Police and Fire Fighters: Quick Guide to Filing a Claim

By Jason Weinstock on October 28, 2012

Injuries by accident and Occupational Diseases

1. Notify immediate supervisor and complete written notice even if you don’t need medical care.  If there is any possibility of you needing medical care in the future, it is essential that you promptly notified your employer.  The law (NRS 616C.015) says the injured worker has 7 days to provide written notification, but adjusters deny claims if notification is not made as soon as possible.  There is an excuse provision in the law (NRS 616C.025) , but it is better not to have to rely on it.

2. If you need medical care, obtain a Medical Evaluation Packet from your supervisor and go to one of the clinics designated for treatment.  Go to the closest emergency facility if it is an extreme emergency.

3. At the medical clinic, complete the C-4 Claim for Compensation form.   It is very important that you complete the top half very carefully, correctly noting the date and time of the accident, and that you correctly describe an injury by accident (click for more info), and that you list all the body parts you think were injured.  It is harder than you think to add treatment for other body parts that weren’t injured as bad initially. This must be filed within 90 days of the accident (NRS 616C.020), or you must again argue that the excuse law applies (NRS 616C.025).

4. There may be additional reports required, depending on the type of accident, i.e. traffic accident.

5. Give your supervisor a copy of any off work  or restricted work slips from the physician.  

6. If required by current policy guidelines, copy the Health and Safety Manager on off work/restricted work slips.  Obtain a physician progress report from the doctor after every visit. 

7. Be informed about your right to change physicians, how your benefits are calculated, and what you are entitled to if you have a serious permanent injury.  Don’t rely on co-workers. There are almost 200 blog posts covering Nevada law here.  You may also call  699-5336 for a free Guide, or get a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. 

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