Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

By Jason Weinstock on October 2, 2012

     One of the sad realities representing people with serious work injuries, is that the financial, physical, and psychological stresses caused by the injury or the claims process, often result in failed marriages.  It really is unfortunate when I am asked for the name of a divorce attorney by a client once he or she receives the permanent partial disability award.  An attorney I can highly recommend for divorce or child custody issues is Stacy Rocheleu of Right Lawyers.  Stacy contributed the following blog post as an exclusive article for my readers.  Thanks, Stacy.

Do you need a lawyer on a divorce case?

by Stacey Rocheleau, Esq.

      Deciding whether or not you need an attorney on a divorce case depends greatly on your circumstances. While it would be wonderful to believe you can agree to everything and sort out your differences on your own, this rarely happens. Most divorces are due to the fact couples can’t get along anymore so agreeing to the final terms of a divorce can be allusive.  

     When filing for a divorce there are five major areas to take into consideration; division of property, division of debt, child custody, child support, and sometimes alimony.  We would rarely recommend for couples needing to draft the terms of child support or child custody without an attorney review. Divorces that are simply about division of property or debt are simpler in nature and are often decided without an attorney involved. 

     An attorney is not only well versed on court procedures, they are knowledgeable on the ever changing divorce laws. A divorce attorney can help with question like; Who gets the house when it is titled in both our names?, Is child support modifiable?, Can I get lump sum alimony?, Am I entitled to his worker compensation benefit?


     With all the emotional stress that comes along with a divorce, you shouldn’t’ add to the level of worry and concern. Hiring a divorce attorney who has your best interests at heart and who can assure your rights are protected it most often the best advice. 

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