Retired Police Officer Paralegal for Work Comp Claims

By Jason Weinstock on September 25, 2012

I’m pleased to introduce a new staff member, Garth Baker,  to the firm’s clients and the many other injured workers who rely on this law blog for information about Nevada workers’ compensation law.  Garth became a paralegal after retiring  from the  Las Vegas Metro Police Department  as a Detective.   He served as a police officer in the capacity of patrol, field training officer, property crimes detective, financial crimes detective, and finishied his career as a robbery/homicide violent crimes detective.  He is also an entrepreneur in network marketing and a radio talk show host.

Garth explains his decision to begin a second career as a paralegal as follows: 


"In 2002,  I was involved in an officer shooting where I was injured by gunfire.  I lost a good portion of my hearing, leaving me to rely on amplification for the remainder of my life.Three years after my injury  I was still in a continuous battle with my workers’ compensation provider and my employer over medical care and benefis.  I  decided to empower myself  to do something about that fight, and went to school to become a paralegal.

In 2010, after more years of fighting with my employer and workers’ compensation insurance managers,  I retired from Metro. As a paralegal,  I sought employment with personal injury and workers’ compensation firms so I could take my personal experiences and put them to work for those injured workers who are going through similar situations on their claims. My recent association with the Law Office of Virginia Hunt in 2012 affords me the opportunity to fully embrace the injured worker with my passion of making sure they are taken care of medically and legally.   I know what it’s like to be denied coverage and what it’s like to go through the adversities of getting proper medical treatment.  I’m excited to be working behind the scenes assisting Attorney Hunt  in providing the best possible service on a client’s case. "   Garth Baker

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