Do I Need An Attorney for a Traffic Ticket?

By Jason Weinstock on May 10, 2012

As a service to my existing clients and other injured workers, I ask attorneys who practice other types of law in Nevada to write guest blog posts.  Attorney Martin Prybylski  handles bankruptcy cases, DUI cases, immigration cases, and he has clarified whether you need an attorney if you get a traffic ticket.  Martin’s office is in the same building as my office, and he does handle traffic tickets.  Virginia Hunt

Do I Need an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket?

Las Vegas residents see numerous advertisements every day for attorneys that want to "fix" your ticket.  Most attorneys promise no points on your license, no increased insurance rates, no traffic school and no court appearances.  What most individuals do not understand is that these are standard deals.  Most individuals can appear themselves in court and get a comparable deal for the hassle of waiting in line and appearing in court. 

So, why hire an attorney?  One word:  CONVENIENCE.  An attorney has fast tracked access to the courts to obtain deals that typically allow individuals to reduce their tickets to parking infractions thereby avoiding insurance hikes, traffic school, and points on their license.  By having the attorney appear on your behalf, you will save on average several hours of your day in the middle of the work week.  Due to the ease of handling traffic tickets most attorneys charge low prices.  Watch out for attorneys overcharging for basic tickets, but do not be surprised if a ticket is more expensive if it is in an outlying jurisdiction or if it has gone to warrant.

A simple google search can help you find an attorney near you who handles tickets.  Many attorneys handle traffic tickets to supplement their practices or as favors to their existing clients.  I, for example, primarily handle bankruptcies for consumer debtors.  I also handle traffic tickets for my existing clients or new clients for a small fee.  If you already have an attorney for another matter, they may handle your ticket for free!  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Whatever you do to handle your ticket, don’t simply pay the fine on your ticket!  Either appear yourself or have an attorney appear on your behalf.  Avoiding the points on your license are worth the extra hassle or money.




By Martin Prybylski, Esq.

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