Be Careful What You Read

By Jason Weinstock on January 13, 2012

The problem with the Internet articles I see on many sites that look like they provide good information for injured workers is that the content is not specific to Nevada workers’ compensation law.  Each state has its own laws that determine work comp benefits. If information is not specific to Nevada law, then injured workers in Nevada will be misinformed.  Injured workers may think that they are getting state-specific information just because they click on a particular state.  However, despite the professional appearance of these websites, they rarely provide timely information on Nevada laws and claims practices.  

When you are surfing the web,  check whether the article or blog post is authored by a Nevada lawyer.  Many companies that market search engine optimization for law firms sell  canned articles that lawyers can post as their own on their websites, blogs, or twitter accounts.  The ethics of an attorney doing this is questioned by Kevin O’Keefe, founder of the Lexblog company that provides a publishing platform for my law blog.  Lexblog  has never tried to sell me blog posts written by their company marketing agents. What Internet marketing agent  is going to know more about Nevada workers’ compensation law than I do?  Be careful that what you are reading on the Internet is from a reputable Nevada attorney .

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