Las Vegans Headed Back to Work? Let’s Hope So!

By Jason Weinstock on September 9, 2011

The recent edition of "In Business"  magazine reports that the world’s largest solar eneregy project located near Primm is providing 480 laborer  psotions on site, and that 10 to 15% of the workers come from Clark County.    In addition to union labor, who must come from’San Berardino County first,,there will also be  about 220 executive  and other positions.  At  its peak, the  project will employ about 1,400 construction workers such as carpenters, desertt biologists, engineers, and others. 

That same magazine discussed current  projections that over the next five years, McCarran International Airport will be among the nations’ fastest -growing airports. Components to attract growth include stratgies to attract international travel from and to Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.

45% of of those respnding to a poll done the last week in August 2011 statted that they expdected thier business to make a profit this year.  11% weren’t sure, and 43% didn’t know whether they would be profitable in 2011.