Reopening Revisited

By Jason Weinstock on January 11, 2011

So many of the phone calls and emails I receive are about how to reopen a closed claim that  I am providing useful links to the articles and blogs I’ve written about reopening.   Please read these articles, as they do take you step by step through the process to first determine whether you can reopen your claim, and then how to go about reopening your old claim.

It will be difficult for most of you wanting to reopen your claim to get a private attorney to help you,  particularly if you have already received the maximum amount payable for a permanent impairment.  That is because private attorneys get paid for helping injured workers by charging a percentage of the permanent impairment award.  If there is no possible additional award after the claim is reopened, the attorney will not be paid a fee for helping to get the claim reopened.   That is why you want to make sure that when you first hire an attorney to represent you, that the attorney will  agree to also help you reopen your claim if that is ever necessary in the future.   If your old attorney doesn’t seem to remember you or want to help you, and a new attorney is not interested in helping you because he or she needs to be paid, there is the Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers.  The NAIW will assist you if your reopening request is denied, and you need representation at the appeals level.