Cost Increase for PPD Evaluations

By Jason Weinstock on January 29, 2011

Effective February 1, 2011, the cost of a permanent partial disability evaluation and report will be $673.12.  The cost is set by the Division of Industrial Relations.  If more than two body parts are evaluated by the rater, an additional $224.80 is added.   This cost is the same regardless of whether it is the insurer or the injured worker who is paying for the rating evaluation. That means that injured workers should have a good understanding of how the AMA Guides to Evaluation to Permanent Impairment are applied before jumping to the conclusion that the percentage of impairment offered by the insurer is incorrect.   $673  is a lot of money to spend on a mere hope that a second rating physician will find a higher percentage, and  that hearing officer or appeals officer is likely to agree with the second rating physician.  The cost to have a rating doctor review records and give a report, without examining the injured worker, is now $335.89.   Learn how to obtain a second rating evaluation.