Caring for an Elderly Parent

By Jason Weinstock on November 2, 2010

I got behind in my blogging while I made a quick trip to North Carolina for a week of helping to care for my father.  He is undergoing radiation for throat cancer for seven weeks, and needs help with transportation to the oncology center, help with nutrition and self care, and coordination of other doctor appointments.   Fortunately, his prognosis is good, and I have many siblings with wonderful spouses who can also spend a week helping to provide necessary unskilled care. I mention this very personal experience, because I just  read in elder law attorney James M. O’Reilly’s newsletter that more than 75% of Baby Boomers are providing unpaid care to an elderly parent.  Several of my clients have mentioned the difficulty they are having providing financial and similar care for their parents as they struggle with their work injuries and reduced income.  This blog post is to let you know that I found the resource section of Attorney O’Reilly’s website to be helpful as I educate myself about Medicare, VA benefits, and options for care when a family member or friend cannot help.