Workplace Safety In Nevada

By Jason Weinstock on April 22, 2009

Congratulations to Alexandra Berzon, a journalist with the Las Vegas Sun, for recently winning the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for her investigative reporting last year of the 9 construction workers who died at CityCenter in a 16-month time period. Ms. Berzon continues to report on the reforms, or rather the lack of significant reforms to ensure workplace safety, during the current legislative session in Carson City.  Ms. Berson also reports on efforts by attorneys and injured workers’ advocates to make other necessary changes in the law to the workers’ compensation system in Nevada.

   Ms. Berzon contacted me about six months ago for information about my clients’ experiences in filing complaints with the Division of Industrial Relations for violations of the law by third-party administrators.   She impressed me as being extremely thorough in her search for accurate facts about whether the current system of requesting fines and penalties from the Division of Industrial Relations adequately protects and compensates injured workers with legitimate complaints.  I was happy to also offer her my opinion that it is woefully inadequate.  Thank you to Ms. Berzon for her excellent work in letting the public know what really happens to injured workers in Nevada.

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