5 Reasons Not to Hire a Work Comp Lawyer

By Jason Weinstock on March 11, 2009

1. You aren’t the type to hire a lawyer

Let’s say you are concerned that you might not be getting all benefits that are or could be owed to you under your claim. Most lawyers offer free consultations, and you can even have consultations with several different attorneys to compare information given by each. Whatever you say is confidential, even if you don’t hire the lawyer. If you then decide that you do need a lawyer to help you on your claim, look for a lawyer who doesn’t seem like the stereotypical attorney type. Can you see yourself in public with this person, having a cup of coffee? Is this someone you can talk freely to, and someone you feel you can trust? Does the attorney speak in simple terms that all people can understand? Trust your gut instincts. If the attorney seems like he or she is not the type to be an attorney, but seems more like a down-to-earth, genuine person, then that may be the attorney for you if you need one. .

2. You don’t want to sue your employer

Good, because you can’t sue your employer for a work injury under Nevada law unless you can prove that your employer intentionally injured you. A work comp attorney is instead assuring that you are given all benefits under the law. If not, the attorney may involve the insurer for your employer in contested appeals, but the employer is not sued.

3. You don’t want to get fired

An employer in Nevada is not likely to subject themself to a lawsuit by firing the injured worker just for hiring an attorney to represent them on the work comp claim. In fact, in over 15 years of representing injured workers, I’ve never seen it happen. Instead, the injured worker is less likely to get fired because he or she has an attorney advising them regarding employment situations during the time the claim is open, and the employer in turn is more careful in how it deals with the employee.

4. Your adjuster seems nice

Many adjusters are nice people, and many are underpaid and overworked with too many claims to handle properly. Your adjuster works for the third-party administrator (TPA) hired by the insurer for your employer. TPA’s get business by showing insurers that they save money processing claims. Your adjuster is simply not going to be advising you when you should be asking for more benefits or looking out for your best interests. It’s not their job.

5. You don’t think you need one

Maybe you don’t need one, but it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of a free consultation to have an attorney look at the letters sent from the adjuster and advise you whether it appears that you are getting all benefits you are entitled to. At least obtain whatever free information is offered so that you can better inform yourself about the law and your rights.

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